The Power of Thinking Big

by William Naranjo on May 21th, 2022

“If you’re going to be thinking, you may as well think big.”
Donald Trump

One of the cornerstones of great success, in my opinion, is the ability to ‘Think BIG.’

But what exactly is it? And how are we going to do it?

Thinking big’ entails being able to imagine and fantasize about what you can achieve on a grand scale, with no constraints. It’s about being open-minded, positive, and creative, and seeing the broader picture for what it is.

“Once you have mastered time, you will comprehend how accurate it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year — and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!” says Tony Robbins, who I find to be pretty applicable to this concept.

We underestimate our genuine capabilities if we underestimate what we can achieve in the long run. The disadvantage is that we are lowering our goals to a ‘achievable’ level that we know we can easily reach, lowering our expectations, standards, and outcomes.

People who do great things escape this mentality by setting lofty goals for themselves. If we strain for something rather than coasting towards it, we will naturally accomplish more and travel further in less time. The larger the goal, the less important everything that can slow us down becomes, and we can supply solutions more quickly. If the goal is large enough and properly defined, the human mind may naturally prioritize what is important.

Big thinking can energize both your own and your team’s thoughts and actions. In the corporate world, Jim Collin’s landmark book Built to Last, which focused about the patterns discovered in the most successful firms over time, referred to inspiring goals as Big Hairy Audacious Goals. A BHAG, according to Collins, is “…an audacious 10-to-30-year objective to develop toward an imagined future.” These enormously successful businesses all concentrated their efforts on a single medium-long-term goal. They had a clear and compelling organization-wide goal that was likely to be questioned externally but not seen as unattainable internally.

A clear catalyst for team spirit is a true BHAG. It has a distinct finish line so that the organization knows when it has met its objective. Many less successful firms develop goals for themselves that outline what they want to achieve in the future days, months, or years. Typically, these objectives are uninspired and tactical, such as “target 10% revenue increase in the next three months.”

You only have to look at the Apollo program and its goal of landing on the moon within a decade to see how it inspired a nation to do what was thought to be genuinely unachievable at the time. A lower aim, on the other hand, would never have been realized if it failed to inspire enough people to make it happen. Use this information to inspire yourself and others.

What can we as individual business owners learn from this?
How can you set a bold long-term goal for yourself?
How can you motivate those around you to accomplish something extraordinary?

Use economies of scale to your advantage. In many circumstances, thinking big and acting on huge initiatives requires no more time and effort than working on a little project — but the outcomes are much bigger and better, and the achievement is much greater. For example, borrowing a little sum of money for a small project requires the same amount of effort as borrowing a large sum for a large one. You could even claim that it requires less effort because someone is more likely to complete all of the forms for you in exchange for a greater payment.

Thinking big, rather than small, can make it much simpler to succeed. Because there is less competition at the top of the scale than at the bottom, it is better to go big and aim for the stars. For example, there are thousands of businesses that provide services to startup and small business owners, but only a few that specialize in serving the owners of the world’s largest corporations. Starting large can really be less difficult.

How to Think Big and Achieve BIG!

Be positive and fearless.
Small thinking is the result of negative or fearful ideas. Consider the positive. Remove the term “impossible.” Big thinkers that succeed come up with reasons why you ‘can.’ Others will come up with reasons why you can’t. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in either direction. Problems are viewed as a challenge by big thinkers, and any obstacle is viewed as an opportunity. Their huge ideas generate an endless number of possibilities, choices, and solutions. Make a conscious effort to be daring, bold, and upbeat. It’s both thrilling and challenging. Go for it!

Visualize Without Limits.
People are held back by a lack of resourcefulness rather than a lack of resources. Rather of being stuck in the present, a big thinker imagines what is conceivable in the future. Examine things not as they are now, but as they could be if they were not constrained. Everything benefits from visualization. This mental rehearsal provides you with a tantalizing taste of what your vision will look like in reality, as well as the motivation to make it a reality. Come up with innovative ways to achieve your objectives.

Ask BIG questions.
Practice asking yourself and others some really big and challenging your questions, such as:

What would you alter if you could change one thing about the world?
What would you do if you had an endless amount of cash?
What would you do if you had all the time in the world?
Who in the world could use your knowledge the most?

Other people’s opinions on such important issues are priceless. Ask your colleagues big questions to expand your business thinking. Top executives spend far more time seeking advice than offering it, and it’s how they put their ideas into action that can transform the world.

Dream Big and Be Creative.
Go large. Your success is determined by the size of your belief. Without restriction, engage in some creative brainstorming or blue-sky thinking. Consider how you can turn them into reality. The key to success is imagination, therefore let your thoughts flow freely, dream big, write down your best idea, focus on it, and don’t stop until your vision becomes a reality. Dreams stoke the fires of blazing desire, lofty ambitions, and compelling life goals. Create a vision that inspires you and motivates you to take action.

Make a big long-term goal for yourself and stick to it.
Decide on your BHAG — Big Hairy Audacious Goal — and then sustain your laser-like concentration on accomplishing it. Concentrate on what you desire and make it a reality. You will obtain what you concentrate on and take action on. Successful people are those who go above and beyond to attain their objectives.

Motivate Those Around You.
Successful people connect with others, and confidence draws others, so use these characteristics to sway others. The power to influence and inspire others is critical: the bigger you think, the more people you can recruit. Big ideas motivate and inspire those around you, and it’s never been easier to attract and grow a following around a big concept in this increasingly connected world. Big ideas can spread quickly and receive the resources needed to make them a reality thanks to social media. Make use of those around you to increase your chances of realizing your dreams.

Act Now and Eat the Elephant Take action one bite at a time. Goals are dreams that have been recorded, written down, and put into action. They guarantee success if they are followed through with action. Take everyday steps toward your large goal: even 15 minutes a day will help you achieve remarkable accomplishment over a 10-year period.

Most importantly, believe in yourself.
The most crucial aspect of achieving greatness is having faith. It is possible if you believe it is possible. Increase your mental capacity. “Life can be much broader, once you understand one simple fact, and that is that everything around you that you call life was made up by individuals who were no wiser than you,” said Steve Jobs. You have the power to change it, impact it, and create things that others may utilize. You’ll never be the same after learning that.” Believe in yourself and your abilities, and you will be unstoppable!

Never undervalue the power of your thoughts, and always think big. Big ideas are the foundation of all inventions, and big minds have the power to transform the world. Because they are free of restrictions and petty thinking, they are leaders, inventors, and achievers. Thinking big broadens your horizons and propels you beyond the ordinary into the remarkable.

Put this way of thinking into practice by taking action. Set no boundaries for yourself. Make your goals bigger and better, and have the enthusiasm, desire, and energy to see them through. Expand your horizons, your mind, and your thinking. Go huge! Make it a reality.

The higher you set your goals, the higher you will achieve them. Big ideas produce big outcomes!


by William Naranjo on May 21th, 2022



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