Using Words and Specific Frequencies to Reprogram Your DNA

by William Naranjo on September 27th, 2021

Only 10% of our DNA is employed to construct our physical bodies as we know them — the protein-building material. Russian biophysicists and molecular biologists have demonstrated that utilizing specific words in specific ways, such as in hymns and mantras, can alter the way DNA is produced. By examining and reclassifying those helixes, it is that specific 10% of protein-building DNA that is targeted. This is an attempt to have a better understanding of the complex construction process.

However, the remaining 90% of human DNA is labeled as “junk DNA,” a name that does not do it justice. Scientists have discovered that 7% of this so-called “junk DNA” actually serves a much more important job after conducting study on novel formulae. It’s a biological web-tool, akin to an internet, that’s far more advanced than any artificial internet.

Phonemes — intuition, spontaneous healing, spiritual masters, clairvoyance, and other spiritual influences — change DNA patterns either directly or indirectly, according to scientist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues who are working on this subject. There is also a medical investigation in which DNA is shown to be influenced and rearranged by certain words at certain frequencies, without the requirement for illumination or the replacement of any existing genomes.

The investigation was based on six factors:

  1. Linguistics and genetics, two very distinct branches of study, were united to investigate the Junk DNA that makes up the majority of human DNA.

2. It was discovered that DNA is not only responsible for the physical body, but also for information storage and internal communication. Junk DNA helixes were discovered to communicate in a manner comparable to human language. It was discovered that the DNA alkaline has a set of grammar principles by researching the way sentences are created, the meanings of words in various language types, and fundamental grammar application, implying that human language is not a product of itself, but rather an echo of the integral DNA. The scientists found that chromosomes behave like holographic computers, with the DNA acting as an internal laser radiation, by analysing the vibrations or frequencies of the DNA. In other words, it was feasible to change the frequency of DNA and hence the genetic information within it by tweaking certain vibrational arrays at a specific frequency onto a laser ray, all while the core DNA-alkaline pair helixes and language remained unchanged.

3. Words and chants, such as hymns and mantra, were utilized to send out foreign vibrations to the DNA in order to modify its frequencies.

4. In vitro, DNA behaves differently than it does in real tissue; in living tissue, it responds to the vibrations produced by language delivered via laser rays, such as radio waves. To modify the matter within the DNA, however, the precise frequencies must be applied.

5. Scientific Explanation:

Using vibrations and frequencies to modify DNA is a type of psychotherapy practice similar to meditation, in which profound concentration is applied to the sensations perceived in the physical body. Because language is the major mode of communication within DNAs, it differs from hypnosis, which can also lead the human body to react to it.

Russian scientists investigated gadgets that could influence metabolic processes within basic cells by correcting and repairing genetic flaws using radio frequencies and controlled beams. Garjajev and his colleagues were able to demonstrate that a genome damaged by X-rays could be repaired using this method. They were also able to entirely reprogramme the genome by transmitting the data formats of one DNA to another.

Their goal was to discover the immense potential that frequency and vibrations have on genetic patterns, demonstrating that these waves can alter the way live organisms are generated rather than relying simply on the basic helix paths.

Shamans and occult teachers, for example, have recognized and embraced the powerful tie between the body and the mind, as well as the fact that the human body can be re-programmed by thought, various words, and the sort of language employed.

This has now been scientifically confirmed according to Garjajev’s team’s research. It is up to each individual to develop a relationship with their conscience, or DNA, by working on their own processes and maturing with it. This is the link between the DNA’s inherent frequency of vibration and the ability to connect with it through meditation.

6. During the research, it was also discovered that when human DNA is placed in a vacuum, it can produce magnetic wormholes. On a microscopic level, wormholes are similar to Einstein-Rosen bridges that exist surrounding black holes. These would then serve as a bridge or tunnel connecting other sections of the cosmos outside of our own, allowing data to be transported across space and time.

In a relaxed state of mind, this transmission mechanism would be far more successful. Garjajev’s team discovered that a stressed mind or an overactive intellect would corrupt the data being transmitted, rendering it useless.

These connections are explained in greater detail in Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf’s book ‘Venetzte Intelligenz’ (Networked Intelligence).

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by William Naranjo on September 27th, 2021



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